Meet our team of highly professional and dedicated specialists.

  • Pauline Tserniak


    Pauline has over 25 years of experience in remedial massage, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and children development problems. Pauline was born and raised in former USSR where, being a daughter of a medical practitioner, she developed her early passion for using methods of natural and alternative medicines in order to cure a range of medical conditions. She was fortunate enough to acquire knowledge from local heelers throughout Siberia and later Ukraine.

    Since migrating to Melbourne in early eighties, Pauline had actively pursued excellence in various areas of alternative medicine, remedial massage, and children development through extensive practice, continuous learning of new techniques, and attendance of seminars and conferences. Here is a brief list of areas in which Pauline achieved various levels of qualifications:
    - Remedial Massage Therapist
    - Specialist in Kinesiology
    - Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultant
    - Natural Fertility Management Consultant
    - Manaka Acupuncture Protocol Consultant
    - Specialist in Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders.

    This list goes on and on.
    In terms of the specific treatment areas, Pauline has had tremendous success in:
    - managing patients with permanent and temporary muscular pain including back, lower back, shoulder (frozen shoulder), knee (runners knee), elbow (tennis elbow), and forearm (carpal tunnel syndrome).
    - assisting female patients with pre- and post- pregnancy management, fertility management consultation, women PMS management, sleeping disorders, and various mental and emotional wellbeing conditions such as depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.
    - helping people with management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other disorders of digestive system and allergies.
    - treating children from allergies, skin conditions, and on more psychological front cognitive behaviour problems.
    a vast range of other conditions - enquire within.
    Pauline promotes strengthening of the immune system by using special herbs and supplements and healthy lifestyle, including physical exercises, meditation and relaxation, reaching harmony of body, mind and spirit. Her philosophy is based on holistic approach, understanding that, body, mind and spirit represent a united system. You cannot treat individual symptoms without treating this whole system.

    Finally, Pauline shares her knowledge with a team of junior practitioners, and is currently in the process of preparing an online class in the area of Kinesiology. You would be amazed, when attending any of her sessions, in a way she skilfully blends different modalities and practical experiences to bring body to its balance so that it responses with miracles of healing.

  • Izzy Gurevich

    Fitness Instructor / Massage Therapist

    Izzy is an experienced massage therapist and more recently fitness instructor, graduated from Copeland College of Massage Therapy in Melbourne and Swedish Massage Therapy (2 years) Course from Physical Education Institute of Riga, Latvia.
    Izzy is coming from fitness and sport background, working with soccer and footy teams.

    Izzy specialises in sport massage, deep tissue massage and myofascial release, shiatsu. He treats people from all sort of muscular pain as neck, shoulder(frozen shoulder), back, lower back, elbow(tennis elbow), knee(runners knee and patella femoral syndrome), forearms( carpal tunnel syndrome). Using all available technique he provides pain relieve and management for people still active in sport exercises, from teenagers to mature adults, on any levels and to people in their day to day duties.

    In his Private Fitness work Izzy helps people to get in good physical shape and achieve realistic targets, understanding their injuries, age and physical condition.
    Izzy has groups of 3-4 students and one on one sessions in his very private clean and friendly studio.
    Izzy ‘s philosophy stands for commitment, discipline, patience, doing small steps always forward, defeat your fear, getting through the pain, build up confidence, staying positive and meeting the set targets and the results will follow.
    Going through tough Russian Physical Education System where students had been tested every year in all sort of discipline of fitness( from running to chin ups) Izzy is happy to see people, after years without exercises, able to jog, lift weights and main thing feel good and smiling.
    An important victory for Izzy is to see that physical exercises became a necessary part of life for his students and it is in their system. Big welcome to everybody from Izzy who decided to feel good, look good and be active.

  • Lana Perepletchikov

    Cosmetic Tattooist - Nail Artist

    Lana has 15 years of experience in beauty therapy, nail art, waxing, and cosmetic and corrective tattoos (permanent make-up). She is widely recognised as one of the best nail art technicians operating in South-East area of Melbourne. Lana is also one of the pioneers of a cosmetic tattoo initiative in Melbourne.
    Having completed an associate degree in Beauty Therapy at the Victoria University in 1999, Lana is committed to continuing self-learning and improvement, regularly attending local training courses and seminars. This allows her to explore and adopt cutting-edge techniques and products in order to provide the best possible care for her clients.
    Lana loves travelling and is a serious gym fanatic.

  • Lila Zarnowski

    Naturopath and Bio-energy therapist

    As a passionate and dedicated Naturopath, an Aromatherapist and a Bio-energy therapist Lila want to share with you her thoughts about some aspects of complementary medicine and healing methods.

    The public is desperately searching for ways to prevent ill health and to heal themselves, without taking so many drugs, which in the long term almost always have negative side effects. Orthodox and alternative medicine and therapies, along with nutritional medicine, are now being combined by many GPs to give their patients more choice, enabling them to take control of their health care.
    Life is all about choices, and whatever you are suffering from, there is almost always a healthier and less invasive option.

    In order to consider what is meant by “healing”, in terms of both orthodox and energy medicine, we first need to understand what is energy. The dictionary defines energy as "power", "force", or "vitality". In other cultures this life energy, or "life force", is well recognized in philosophy and healing traditions. The Chinese have three words to describe different aspects of this energy: "chi", "jing", and "shen"; the Indians call it "prana", the same as their word for breath, or spirit. The use of these words is millennia old. It is only recently, during the last few hundred years that the concept of body energy in our culture has become eroded in the name of scientific progress.

    Although science does not accept the concepts of healing at an energy level, a great deal of research has been done on well-respected healers and their patients. Much of this work has been done by looking at changes in the electro-encephalogram (EEC), which records the pattern of electrical signals produced in different parts of the brain. Frequencies of brain waves and the patterns produced on the right side compared with the left side provide information about brain activity. Powerful healers can generate intense brain-wave patterns, of alpha, theta, and delta waves corresponding to brain states that are most conducive to healing.

    The main areas of Lila's expertise in treatment of patients are: Naturopathy, mainly Herbalism, Aromatherapy (body, as well as face and skin essential oils treatment), Cupping, Gua Sha treatment, and Bio-Energy healing (Therapeutic touch).

  • Dr Gina Tonelly-Brickles


    Gina was introduced to Osteopathy during high school and her interest and passion for her career has only grown since. Gina completed her Masters project on Office Ergonomics at Victoria University in 2007. She has a special interest in this area, specifically relating to how office ergonomics can affect posture and general well-being. Gina has continued her association with Victoria University where she teaches second year Osteopathic students.
    Gina is also interested in injury rehabilitation, especially for lower back, hip and pelvis conditions as well as postural shoulder and neck problems. She has worked with other manual therapists and enjoys learning from other people to provide a broad range of treatment for her clients as well as understanding when to refer.
    Gina enjoys treating a range of acute and chronic conditions, including postural injuries, pregnancy related pain, children, TMJ (jaw) pain, headaches and sporting injuries. She also has a personal interest in diet and nutrition, especially relating to food intolerances.
    Gina enjoys assisting her clients to manage their health, both with manual therapy and by encouraging them to take an active role in their rehabilitation. Gina also takes the time to ensure that her clients understand the nature of their condition.
    If you would like to make an appointment please contact Gina on 0417 116 251 or email at

  • Elizabeth Kinsey


    Elizabeth have been working in the field of psychological counselling, assessment and psychotherapy for 25 years, and for the last 14 years in a medical setting (medical clinics).

    Elizabeth possesses following qualifications:
    Master’s degree in Psychology: 1980
    Graduate Course in Applied Psychology: 1985
    Also: Certificate I in Rational Emotive Therapies and Cognitive-Behavioural Techniques; Applications of Mindfulness Practice in Psychotherapy course; Clinical Hypnosis Course with Australian Hypnosis Society.
    Memberships and registrations:
    • Registration to practice psychology with the Psychology Board of Australia
    • Australian Psychological Society
    • Australian Society of Hypnosis
    Elizabeth is a registered provider with Medicare, WorkSafe, TAC, & all major Private Health Funds, Victims of Crime Assistance Service (Department of Justice).
    Few words from Elizabeth: In my work, my aim is to provide psychological therapy for wellness, achievement and happiness. Often this means that we start with alleviating of symptoms due to stress, anxiety, or panic. Furthermore, I am skilled in helping patients to deal effectually with trauma and traumatic memories, as well as depression, phobias, obsessions, relationship problems and psycho-somatic health problems (such as pain, sleep disturbance, erratic blood pressure, heart and chest or abdomen discomfort, muscular tension, ticks and muscular spasms). I help patients to cease smoking or establish freedom from other dependencies. My work is with individuals including teenagers and children, couples and families.
    Finally, her interests include:
    • neuro-psycho-immunology
    • positive psychology
    • interpersonal communications
    • personal freedom
    • individual, family and community wellbeing and flourishing


Light Within is a long-established and well-known Health Centre located in GlenHuntly area of Melbourne. We provide a vast range of treatments for the benefits of your body and mind. This includes remedial massage, acupuncture, naturopathy, kinesiology, children development, family counselling, among many others. Additionally, the centre offers a number of highly specialised beauty services, including cosmetic tattoo, facial treatments, and Botox. We also have a well-equipped gymnasium where we conduct private and group fitness sessions. To put it simply, we are a one-stop destination for your health, fitness, and beauty needs.


The centre was originally founded by Pauline Tserniak in the early nineties. The original facility only consisted of two rooms with remedial massage being the main service on offer. Since that time the centre went through a number of transformations and has now evolved into a fully fledged clinic consisting of 5 consultation / treatment rooms as well as its own dedicated gymnasium. A similar transformation also happened to our personnel - Pauline has managed to assemble a team of true experts in their respective fields who are ready to assist you in a number of areas, see our Services page for further details. Give us a call, you won't regret it!

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